This is Massively Important - (and easy)

You'll find our emails deliver heaps of value to help you on your way to becoming an amazing photographer. If you don't white-list our emails, you'll miss out on lots of handy hints, valuable tidbits, and generally awesome content.

You'll need to white-list / safe-list the email to avoid valuable content going into the wrong email folder like spam. Firstly you beed to add this email address to your address book and then:

If You Use Gmail

Too much really helpful content gets lost in gmail's "promotions tab"- and since we aim to give you super value in our emails we don't want this to happen to you!

You need to...

  • Drag and drop your email from us from your "promotions" tab to your primary inbox tab.
  • Then you'll get an alert saying, "This conversation has been moved to 'primary'. Do this for future messages from [random number being Arty Bart's email authenticator].
  • You need to click "YES"!

See the short explanatory video to the right...

If You Use Outlook

Drag the email from the "Clutter" or "Junk Email" Folders to your main InBox. That's it. Done. Outlook should now recognise that the sender has your permission to send you an email and deliver it straight to your inbox from now on.

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