Smaller Options

Convenience is King:

Here's a couple of options to help you whan carrying bulky kit just isn't an option...

The Trusty Beanbag

There are all sorts of beanbags available specifically to help you stabalise your camera. If you have a size and shape in mind, it's probably on the market.  A beanbag will enable you to use a fence or post to help stabalise your shot, or even turn your car into a hide - if you open your car window the beanbag will rest on the opening in your door. Which design of beanbag is right for you will depend upon what you want it for - for example, you may want something particularly small for convenience.

Camera beanbags often come without the beans, so you may need to get hold of some "filler" seperately which can easily be done on-line. Polystyrene balls would probably be the lightest material to carry - but it can be a matter of personal preference.

The Pocket tripod

You can buy these kind of tripods for various weights of camera. There are specific models designed to take the weight of a DSLR. The type of tripod pictured has the advantage of being able to bend around objects and grip to them. 

The key is always to look at the specifications and make sure the tripod you opt for can handle the weight of your kit combined, your camera and your lens (and anyting else you want to mount on it).

You don't always want to carry a full size tripod around!

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