Nikon D5600 Body

This bundle comes "body only". There are no lenses. If you have your collection of lenses already which would fit the D5600's mount that's good, if not it might still be good - you can choose the right lenses for YOU.

This is Nikon's mid range of "cropped"/APSC sensor cameras. It has a very respectable 24 mega pixel sensor - so there's a pretty good resolution in there for you. It's a very decent camera for the enthusiast - and a great investment for a beginner who's looking to get into photography. Knowing what we know now, if we were starting out this is where we'd start. (We currently run a Nikon D7200 - in the high end of this range - but we're not just starting out).

The D5600 comes with Nikon's SnapBridge technology ​which enables you to connect with your mobile devices by Bluetooth and transfer your photographs instantly so you can share them with your friends there and then. The camera also has built in WiFi.

If you are looking to use your camera in all weathers this camera does not have environmental sealing.​ If this is an issue you might want to look at the more expensive Nikon D7200 or invest in some kind of protective wrapping.

Unlike it's sibling the Nikon D3400 this camera does have an external microphone port - so if you are into taking video you can plug in your own external microphone. Those of us who have used internal microphones will know that this does make a difference.​ Audio recording is a whole world in itself...

Another big difference between this camera and the D3400 is that this camera has 39 focus points, compared with the D3400s 11. this can be really handy if you are focus tracking a moving object - or if you like to move your focus point manually rather than focus lock and re-adjust the frame.

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