Nikon D500 Body AF-S DX 16-80 Kit Digital Camera

This kit comes with a D500 camera body, and a 16-80mm lens, giving you a wide angle to slight telephoto effects.

This camera kind of "bridges the gap" between the other DX cameras above in this category, and FX full frame cameras we include in the category above. We say "kind of" because this camera is packed with features and in some ways could be said to exceed some of it's FX brothers. It is essentially the "smaller sibling to the D5" according to Nikon's website (the D5 being Nikon's top banana FX / full format pro camera). The D500 has the features, albeit it has a DX cropped sensor, and because of that it is smaller, lighter, and easier to carry around with you. If you're into wildlife or sports photography the DX sensor could even be an advantage. The "crop factor" (caused by the sensor being smaller than an FX) will give the appearance of more "zoomed in" shots.

It's great for taking shots in fast bursts (up to 10 frames per second) - and with it's numerous (153 with 99 cross type!) focus points, ​tracking focus on fast moving objects is a forte. The buffer capacity allows you to shoot an incredible 200 RAW images during one high speed burst. Anyone who has had the buffer fill up in the middle of a high speed burst before the really good action happened will know how significant this is. (Yes, it's happened to us on some really high end Nikon's).

Combined with the "crop factor" you will get with this having a DX sensor this camera is an amazing bet for sports and wildlife photography. If you aren't doing that kind of photography we would recommend the cheaper, but still amazing D7200 - or D7300 (which at the time of writing is not yet out). The reason for this is that if you don't need the speed bursts the extra money you would put into your D500 camera body would be better spent on superior lenses. If you are shooting movement and don't need an FX sensor, this camera is your baby!

The camera has 21 mega pixels, which is slightly less than the 24 of the D7200, D5600, and D3400. We would not advise that you hold this against it. Mega-pixels, certainly when you are talking in these numbers aren't everything, and we would argue that there is very little difference in image size here anyway. The other features on the D500 are FAR more important and useful. Just sit back and marvel at what an amazing camera this really is.

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