We will only add products to this shop which we would consider buying them if we were in your shoes. If it's something we wouldn't look at if we were in your shoes, you won't find it here. We hope that this will save you trawling through the dense jungle that is the internet, and wasting hours of your time. 

Store Guide

We strive to give you as much added value as possible so that you can make the right buying choice for YOU.

All our shops contain advice on the different kinds of kit, such as:

  • What's the difference between a mid range and a high range DSLR and why am I bothered?
  • Why would I need a tripod anyway, what difference would it make to my photography? Isn't one tripod the same as the others?
  • What's wrong with the built in flash? Plus what do I need to know about using flash?

DSLR shop

We include information on DSLR's in general, advice on different ranges and kits, videos, and help books for most models.

Flash shop

Coming soon!

Tripod shop

Coming soon!

Please be aware that a lot of the buy buttons refer to - this is simply because that it the only choice we were given - you will be taken to​

You can either browse the items below at random - or you can use our store guide above (which makes far more sense).  You'll be guided through all the different categories of kit and the level of photography they are aimed at. If you're a beginner for example you won't want to be looking at really expensive high end kit. 

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