Photography FUNdamentals

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Basic Camera Craft

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This program will move you away from auto, and put you in control of your photography.

You'll learn how to freeze action, create motion blur, blur your backgrounds and so much more. You'll complete exercises to cement your learning.

You'll master the basics of composition, learn what different lenses do, and learn about different types of kit.

See the full breakdown below.

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Photography FUNdamentals


Just So You Know...


How To Use This Program

This enables you to get the absolute most out of the program in order to succeed


Where to find lesson and bonus resources

Become the Master of Your Camera

First Things First


Introducing The Camera And Lens

A basic what's what, and how it works

Image Quality – Jpeg v Raw

Why you might not want to shoot jpeg files

Basic Focus

Take control of your focus points




How to blur backgrounds/create bokeh, or make your whole image sharp

Aperture – Bonus Video Lesson

A fun approach to explaining aperture

Shutter Speed

How to freeze fast moving objects and create motion blur


Shooting in difficult light conditions and avoiding digital noise

Exposure Triangle

The keys to unlocking photography

Bonus Lesson – The Exposure Triangle made Easy

This lesson is in effect a summary of what you just learned

The Real Definition of Exposure

Terminology isn't friendly to the beginner

Camera Essentials Summary Video

Summing it all up with graphics

Your Camera’s Mode Dial Settings (and how to use them)

The different shooting modes, and what they all do

Icing On The Cake


White Balance

Warm light, cold light, and who's Kelvin?

Basic Metering

The camera doesn't always get it right

And Action!


Preliminary Exercise - Focus

Master the techniques

Exercise 1 – The Hole…Size Really Is Everything…

This exercise will be your first really big win, and you'll learn how to tell your camera to pick an f stop! Bokeh, smokeh

Exercise 2 – “The Need For Speed…”

You're going to have a go at freezing action and mastering motion blur

Exercise 3 – “Taking Control…”

A foray into manual mode - you may not want to look back...

Quick Quiz – How Much Have You Absorbed?

Test your new found knowledge - you're smashing it!

Closing on Camera Craft


Real World Problems – Camera Craft

Some problems you may encounter

Camera Craft Feedback

Please give us some feedback so that we can keep making this program better and better

Basic Composition

Conquer Composition


These Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

You know you want to...

Rule of Thirds

This alone will make a huge difference to your photography

The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci

The mathematical definition of beauty - with some composition grids

Bonus Lesson – The Rule of Thirds & Fibonacci

Don't be afraid to use either...

Balance – Introduction

Introducing Visual Balance and Harmony

Balance – Formal

Balance based on Symmetry

Balance – Informal – the basics

Asymmetrical Balance

Other Tips

More tools for your arsenal..

Bonus Lesson – Leading Lines

Lead the eye into the picture, taking it on a visual journey

Bonus Lesson – Point of View

Think about the angle you take your photos from - don't just "point and shoot"

And Action!


Exercise 1 – Rule of Thirds

Having fun with placement grids

Exercise 2 – Fibonacci

Getting Mathematically beautiful pictures (without the maths)

Exercise 3 – Balance

Working with symmetry and asymmetry

Exercise 4 – Practicing Other Methods

We're starting to pick and mix here

Exercise 5 – Mastery

Here's where you put EVERYTHING together

Closing on Composition


Real World Problems – Composition

These are some of the problems people face in the real world. We rely on you to tell us what problems you're facing so we can help...

Composition Feedback

Please tell us how you found things so we can make things better and better...

Demystifying the Lens



Lenses – Introduction

Not all lenses are created equal....

Focal Length

Wide Angle, Telephoto, and Bokeh

Image Stabilization

Keeping the lens still and avoiding shake

Crop Factor

Some may call it cheating...

Types Of Lenses


Prime v Zoom

Fixed vs zoomy... We just wanted to say zoomy...


Tele means "long distance" photo means "light". It's like a telescope, that you can take pictures through...

Wide Angle

Shoot with a wider field than your eyes can see


It's real close up, and pretty neat...


No fish were harmed in the making of this lesson...

Closing on Lenses


Real World Problems – Lenses

Have you had any real world problems with your lenses that we can help with and add to this section?

Lenses Feedback

Please let us know how you found things so we can keep this program getting better and better




Kit Introduction

Everyone's different. Get what's right for YOU

What we’ll cover in a nutshell

Here's a whistle-stop tour of the module

Types Of Camera


Mobile / Cell ‘Phones

'Phone technology is coming on massively (great if you don't want to carry heavy kit on any given day)

Compact Cameras

You can get some great results with the right model

Bridge Cameras

They "bridge the gap" between compact and DSLR cameras

DSLR’s – Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera’s

Versatile, amazing, albeit can be a little bulky. Well worth it in our opinion!

Mirrorless Cameras

No "optical" viewfinder - you'll be looking at a digital image

Bonus Video Lesson DSLR v Mirrorless

Let's compare...

Brand Of Camera (Important Note…)

Each brand has it's own lens fittings - so you might get stuck on one brand

Flash and Artificial Light


Lighting – Flash

Ah-ah, Saviour Of The Universe!

Lighting – Diffusers

Gotta Wear Shades...

Tripods and Other Stabilization Tools


Why would you need such devices?

It can actually be a game changer...


Opens up a whole new area of photography...

Tripod Heads

Because you can't have a headless tripod...

Convenience is King

When you don't want to carry a big tripod

Cable Releases

No Hands!!!

Care of Equipment


Camera Care – The Basics

Look after it, it will pay you back...

Sensor Cleaning

When I'm cleaning windows... actually it's a lot more delicate...

Storing Lenses

Don't put them in the freezer...

Did You Get It?


Kit – Questions

Test your knowledge, we've thrown in some lens questions too... are you smashing it? (Not literally of course, that would be expensive)

Closing on Kit


Real World Problems – Kit

Let us know any problems or dilemmas you've had - chances are you're not alone and we can help everyone here!

Kit Feedback

We really need your feedback, so we can improve things for you and everyone else - listening to you gives us the edge.

Bonus Content

Download Library


Cheat Sheets

Make life easy on yourself...



Mini Course


Mini Course Video 1 - Portraits

No dogs were harmed in the making of this video...

Mini Course Video 2 - Quick Guide to Action



About the teacher

Christina S Wimsey

Christina's passions are photography and creating. She has had photographs published in national and international publications. Christina is dedicated to sharing her passion for photography in fun and interesting ways, so that others can enjoy their own creative abundance. The joy of photography is open to everyone.

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