3 Step Introduction to Photography

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Basic Camera Craft

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3 Step Introduction to Photography




What to expect from this mini course. Go grab a coffee (other delicious beverages work too)...

Moving your Snapshots into Photographs


Snapshots v Photographs

Find out what's the difference between a photograph and a shapshot, and what you can do to to nudge your images to the former category. You can do it!

Snapshots to Photographs – Exercises

Cement your learning by asking yourself some questions, and completing the exercise

A Little Foray into Composition


Composition: Point of View

Here's a great lesson on composition. The point of view you use when taking images is a sure fire way to spot a beginner. Here's your whistle-stop tour to get you shooting more like a pro.

Point of View Exercises

Here's some exercises to cement your learning and really engage that grey matter.

What Do All the Settings Do?


Settings and Photography in a Nutshell

The key to understanding your cameras settings is understanding the "exposure triangle". Get yourself a lovely drink, absorb this 12 minute video which could change everything...

Exposure Triangle Exercises

Yes, this was a big one...

What's Next?


What Next?

What's next in your journey towards becoming the amazing photographer we know you can easily become? You have many options!


About the teacher

Christina S Wimsey

Christina's passions are photography and creating. She has had photographs published in national and international publications. Christina is dedicated to sharing her passion for photography in fun and interesting ways, so that others can enjoy their own creative abundance. The joy of photography is open to everyone.

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