We Do One to One Photography Training Sessions Online!

Our one to one photography training sessions are available online and you can book either a single session or a series of sessions which work out cheaper per session.

This is YOUR ideal opportunity to have someone's 100% attention on you, invested solely on helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

If you've ever felt like:

  • Your head is full of questions you wish you could ask
  • You think you may be close to understanding something, but you just can't quite get there
  • You just wish you could put it all together and it all make sense

If you are in need of one to one photography training, this might just be what you've been waiting for!

Christina S Wimsey

Arty Bart Photographer

Christina has been practicing photography for over 30 years. She's passionate about photography and helping others achieve their photo goals. She's an an internationally published photographer, but for her, nothing beats seeing the smiles on the face of others when they learn something new.

I look forward to meeting you!

To Get the Most Out Of Your One to One Photography Training:

Before the Training

We want you to get the most out of your one to one photography training session, so give some thought to the problems you really want to get to the bottom of. Write them down and communicate them to us during the booking process or email them to christina@artybartphoto.com

 During the Training

In order to make the best use of your time we will have already considered how we can best help you with the issues you have outlined, so that we can dive in where it is going to make the most difference to you - in helping you - right from the start.

The call will be relaxed, and feel free to ask anything. We're here to help you, and we want to to succeed.

After the Training

We advise getting your camera out as soon as you can right after the call and putting what you have learned into practice.

That is the best way to cement the learning in, and get joy out of your one to one photography training. You have new skills - enjoy them!


Dawson Straughan Undertook a Video Call

Praise for Our One to Ones

What a great place to help with my photography. Just completed a video call with Christina and Lawrence I picked up some great tips for an upcoming wedding but also it was great that both of you guys helped with video questions too.

What a fantastic place for beginners and hobbyists like me to visit. Well done to all.

Iain Munro Learner Photographer

Praise for our One to Ones

After winning a competition, the prize was for a 20 minute video call with a professional photographer. This turned into a half hour video chat with Christina and it was brilliant. A lot of what I know is from you tube but found this face to face way more informative.

None of my extremely amateur questions were a problem and I didn’t feel in the least bit intimidated. After the call was over I switched to Manual setting and have been experimenting more with it. Fantastic opportunity I had and would recommend Christina to anyone.

Richard Gamlin Member of Beginners Photography Lounge


Feedback given as it should be, with kindness, knowledge, and clear language.

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1 Hour One To One Photo Chat

60 Minute One to One Video Call to discuss any photographic issue you may have.

  • Talk about a Specific Photo
  • Talk about a Specific Skill
  • Advice Tailored to you and Your Needs

All bookings are subject to Arty Bart Photo's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

4 x 1 Hour One To One Photo Chat

4 Sessions of 60 Minute One to One Video Call to discuss any photographic issues you may have.

  • Talk about your Specific Goals in photography
  • Tuition Tailored to Your Needs
  • We'll set you challenges week on week

All bookings are subject to Arty Bart Photo's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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