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We recommend the first thing you do today if you do nothing else is join your courses exclusive Facebook Group. The Facebook Group is your opportunity to communicate with and get feedback from both us and your peers. 

Course Navigation

Use the navigation panel on the right to navigate your way through this course. Where you are on a video lesson you will have to scroll down beneath your video to see the navigation panel. 

At the bottom of your lesson page - if you scroll right down - you will also find links to take you to the next lesson, or to the previous lesson in the course.

You'll find links to your most recent lessons at the bottom of the navigation panel. If you want to keep coming back to any particular lesson, you have the option to "mark as favorite" at the bottom of any lesson. Any lessons you mark will be saved at the bottom of your navigation panel. 

Last but not least, whenever you finish a lesson we recommend you tick the box at the bottom to mark the lesson as complete. This will help you keep track of your progress. (For your convenience there is a tick box at the bottom of every lesson which says "I have completed this lesson").

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