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Lockdown Photography
Let's face it; living in lockdown is uncomfortable, but we can all help ourselves by harnessing our creativity. We've all[...]
Top Tips for Wildlife Photograpy
It MovesThis revelation won't come as a shock to you. It's the age old problem with photographing children and animals.[...]
The Memories That Never Fade
These memories of my darling dad will never fade. As the memories in my head begin to become fuzzy (albeit[...]
Demystifying Jargon – 7 Terms Decoded
Most subjects have their own language and photography is no exception - but let's be honest, it could be a[...]
Inspiration for Spring – Go Grab That Camera!
A week or so ago, I noticed the daffodils in the garden had come out. I took it as a[...]
5 Tips On Composition To Get You Started
You've all seen those pictures on websites and in the magazines. You get your new camera and open the box[...]
What On Earth Do I Do With That Camera?
So you have a camera. You may have been lucky enough to have been given it for Christmas or a[...]
Putting Your Camera Into Manual Mode
Manual mode is arguably the most powerful way to use your camera. It gives you full control over which aperture[...]
Putting Your Camera Into Shutter Speed Priority Mode
Mastering your camera's shutter speed allows you to:Freeze moving objects in mid air with pin sharp accuracy.Control motion blur creating[...]
Putting Your Camera Into Aperture Priority Mode
​Aperture is the size of the hole through which light travels through your camera's lens to it's sensor.Aperture controls depth[...]
Changing Your Camera’s ISO Setting
Your camera's ISO setting controls how sensitive your camera's sensor is to light. As the ISO number increases so does[...]
Snapshots v Photographs – It’s Not About The Camera!
The difference between a "snapshot" and a "photograph" can be enormous, but most people believe they can't achieve any better, because[...]
Memories Can’t Be Re-Captured – 5 Tips To Transform Awful To Awesome
Did you know that the difference between the two photographs below is only a tiny bit of knowledge? After all[...]
3 Tips To Make Your Photos Stand Out…
Have you ever downloaded the photos out of your camera, only to find yourself disappointed in the image on your[...]
How to Master “The Blur”, and Avoid “The Shake”
I see people savoring those pictures with streaming car headlights, and thinking that those photographs are something they could never take. That's[...]
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