Magazine 2 – Arty Bart Photo

Magazine 2

How to Avoid Bad Light Ruining Your Photographs
Photography is all about light. The word itself comes from the ancient greek words "photo" which means "light", and "graph"[...]
Do Your Pictures Lack The Wow Factor? 9 Great Tips…
I found a short video which could really improve your photography - so I had to share it with you.[...]
Could This Technique Transform Your Photography Forever?
The technique which I'm about to share with you was really important to me when I first started out. It[...]
Why Wimsey?
I know this is Bart's website, but as he asked me to take care of his blog I thought I'd[...]
Photographing things Your Eye Will Never See…
Pictures Can - And Do LieAlthough out first love here is Animals (Bart being an otter and all that...) there[...]
How I “Developed” the Photography Bug
The first time I dipped my hands into developing solution I was around 10 years old. It was Mr. Johnson's[...]
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