Gear – More Advanced Options

And there's more?

By the time you get here, you've likely had some considerable experience with photography, are starting to grow out of your old kit, or just getting more adventurous. There is a pretty infinate range of kit availablem but below we'll list some of thr more common ones to get you thinking.

If you'd like to know more please email If we get enough interest in this section we'll extend this section with more details.

More Advanced Options Include:

  • Battery Packs
  • Full Frame Camera Bodies
  • Other Flash Modifiers / diffusers
  • Flash Extenders (e.g. Better Beamer)
  • Advanced Tripods and Heads
  • Monopods
  • Stand Alone Light Meters
  • Reflectors
  • Higher End Lenses - with more emphasis on Prime Lenses
  • Photo Backdrops
  • Lighting Rigs
  • Shutter Release Cables

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