Gear – Beginner to Intermediate Options

Where Do I start?

There is a wide range of kit available in this range, but we'll try and hone in on some of the most important things for you, providing lots of useful advice about what various kit can do for you - so that you can make informed decisions - the right decisions.

We've split things up into bitesize chunks. When you see something you'd like to explore, just click on Find Out More.

Nikon v Canon v Other

It's a Long Term Decision

Your initial decision of brand may end up sticking with you for life as you build up compatible kit, so some thought now may pay off massively later on.

DSLR Camera Bodies

Full Frame Anyone?

Not all camera bodies are created equal. What is all the fuss about a DSLR anyway?

Different camera bodies have different size sensors, which will have an impact on the type of lenses you can add to it. Some camera bodies are good for shooting fast moving objects, which fast continuous shooting modes. Others aren't.

It all depends on what you're going to photograph with it.

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Lighting - Flash

Bright Shiny Things

Why would I need one of these? Don't all camera's have etheir own pop up flash these days? 

While this is true, remember photography is all about light and the quality of that light is key. You got that camera because you wanted your pictures to look good right?

Lighting - Diffusers

Soft Light is King

What is a diffuser, what does it do, why I you need one? 

(Or why don't I need one? It's all about what's right for you!)


There's A Good Reason

  • Why would I want to use a tripod?
  • What does a tripod actually do?
  • What do I need to know before I buy a Tripod?

Tripod Heads

Bendy, they are...

We'll look at:

  • Different types and what they do
  • Things to consider before you buy

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