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Are you looking for something light quick and easy?

If you're just looking for something basic and portable to just take a quick photograph, then this section is for you. If you are looking to take a little more creative control of your photography we would recommend you click on our Beginner to Intermediate Options.

There is no rule which says you have to have "this or that" to enjoy photography. You can use your mobile 'phone, spend £50 on a "point and shoot" camera, or spend £10,000 on a "big lens" and a complex camera body, and both options will shoot photographs. The trick is to get what is right for YOU. Below we explore 3 options (mobile/cell 'phones, compacts, and bridge cameras) which will all take great pictures, but fall short of a "fully loaded" DSLR. If you know what you are doing you can take a better picture on a mobile/cell 'phone than someone else could take with a posh DSLR camera. You'll find tips throughout this website to help you do exactly that.

That said if you're at all serious about developing your photography we would recommend that at a minimum you buy a bridge camera. You may also like to explore out advice on beginner to intermediate DSLR's.

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  • Mobile/Cell 'Phone

  • Compact Camera

  • Bridge Camera

Mobile/Cell 'Phone

Today's smart 'phones open up a huge world of photography for us. It's going to be the very most basic option for taking photographs, but on the premise that the best camera is the one your mobile/cell 'phone is very handy. Actually, mobile/cell 'phone cameras are coming a long way very quickly.

When you use the camera on your 'phone, if you know what you are doing you can actually get some very good shots. That said, with a mobile 'phone / cell 'phone you are making a compromise for convenience over quality. You are going to be limited as to how much artistic control you can take over the shot, and due to the quality of the lens and the sensor your shot will be inferior to that taken by an DSLR). If you want to take your 'phone photography further there are places such as Stockimo where you can upload your mobile 'phone / cell 'phone images to sell. (Stockimo is the iphone arm of Alamy, but there are other places which will take mobile photographs).


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Many people will be carrying one by default
  • Some stock libraries now accept photographs from mobile/cell 'phones
  • With some models you can buy little add on lenses for effects like fish eye, and zoom, and even aperture


  • Not much room for artistic control - you are really pointing and shooting with an extremely limited fixed lens.
  • Your sensor and lens will be inferior by far inferior to even that of a compact camera - producing a much poorer quality image
  • Your only real zoom will be a digital zoom - which can drastically affect the quality of your image
  • Digital noise is likely to be a huge problem in low light
  • Your creativity is being limited by your equipment

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