Want To Learn Stunning Photography Skills? And Have Fun Doing It?

Want to have creative expression at your finger-tips… even if you think those dizzy heights are out of reach? 

Imagine knowing exactly what to do with your camera so you can get those amazing images you dreamed of - every time. No more auto, no more confusion.

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Has trying to understand your camera left you confused and overwhelmed?

Every photographer started there. That sinking feeling where you just can't capture those magical moments in front of you. The key to capturing that magic is knowledge and not the price tag of your kit. We want you to know that joy.

Are you in intital overwhelm?

You have a sparkly camera, but no one told you what all those shiny buttons do? You know your camera is capable of so much more, but you don't know which settings to use? So, you get stuck on auto mode longing for more? Or maybe you figured out some of those settings, but you still can't make those photos sing like you want them to?

Tearing your hair out trying to make sense of it all?

You're excited to move forward, so you grab a couple of books, look at some videos on YouTube hoping to find all the answers. You're met with jargon, and a tsunami of information rushing at you all at once

You're itching to go out and take pictures you can be proud of, but progress is slow. You just want to get off auto, and learn some great composition. You keep searching for answers. Instead of light-bulbs you're met with complicated explanations, without the right visuals to explain what's really going on.

On the verge of giving up?

You're feeling dejected. Thoughts start swirling in your head. I'll never understand this! It's too complicated! I just want to take photos that look good! This was supposed to be fun!

You're trying so hard, but the guy on the video might as well be speaking in Martian. That dull monotone delivery has you losing the will to live. Come on already - show me how this is relevant to me and my camera! Give me something practical to do!

Your enthusiasm has truly collapsed. It wasn't supposed to be this hard... 

We feel your pain. We're all about making a real difference to your learning, and to make it enjoyable!

And no, it doesn't have to be that hard...

Which is why we created...

This is an exciting, refreshing and fun packed online course with everything you need to get you off to a flying start with your photography. It's designed with the help of learner photographers for the benefit of people just like you. All lessons are designed to engage you and motivate you into moving forward. 

We'll give you plenty of video and visuals so that you're not left guessing what it's all really about. We take you forward in small steps at a time giving you exercises to put into practice what you learned right away.

The result?

You'll start seeing real results from early on!

Unlock your potential! 

Leave the overwhelm and confusion behind.


No more guesswork and wasting valuable time searching for answers - it's all laid out for you in easy to understand bite size chunks.

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Here’s What You’ll Get From The Course

You'll get immediate access to our online course platform, and you can start learning right away. You can proceed through the course as fast or as slowly as you wish - you're the one in control here.

The aim by the end of the course is to give you all you need to get off to a flying start with your photography. You will be in control of your camera, and not the other way around. You'll be taking picture's you'll be proud of - which put a real smile on your face and spring in your step. You'll be seeing the world around you in new ways you never knew existed

Visuals and Video

Photography is a visual art and cannot be taught properly using a wall of text or speech. We back up our lessons with all the visual cues needed to illustrate the point, so that you achieve your understanding far more quickly and painlessly.

We use moving graphics and animations you'd expect from a course at more than three times the price. We can provide this because we have the expertise on tap, making us pretty unique.

"And Action" Approach - AAA Method

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin.

We'll get you involved from the start, setting fun exercises to make sure you have a chance to practice all the skills you've learned.

We also set optional assignments where you'll get feedback from us.  No judgement - just encouragement!

Cut through the noise...

We help you cut through the deafening noise of information out there. We'll teach you exactly what you need to know, in the order you need to know it.

Unique FUNdamentals Approach

Have you ever sat in a class or a lecture, reached the end only to not have a clue what it was all about? Have you ever had that problem with your favourite TV show?

We take in knowledge far better when we're having fun, not when we're trying to force it in. Fun both motivates us, and causes us to retain what we've learned.  Enjoy!

You'll also find some fun quizzes to cement your learning.

Contact With Your Tutor and Peers

You'll have the support of not only us, but in addition a community of peers to help you on your way to success. You won't be on this journey alone.

You'll be given access to a special Facebook group for members of this course to ask us questions and get to know your peers. 

We Listen To You

We build this course by listening to people just like you, and we'll never stop doing that. If you spot any ways to make the learning experience better for you and your peers please let us know.

We want to keep developing and improving to keep this course fresh and make it the best learning experience possible.

Here’s what is said about awakening joy in learning - our FUNdamentals approach

Don't just take our word for it...

Alfred Mercier

Poet, Novelist and playwright

"What we learn with pleasure we never forget."

Albert Einstein

Theoretical Physicist

and quite frankly, genius

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

Tamara L. Chilver

Author and Education Guru

"Adding fun to learning creates the best educational experience possible"

What's In The Course Modules

We cover all the fundamental elements you need to know to really make a difference to your photography. They are the building blocks for any type of photography, and with them you will go far.  You'll really understand what difference the settings make to the finished photo, enabling you to pick and choose the effects you want.

We'll also spark your creativity by showing you how to create cracking compositions, and get creative with different kit.


Module 1: Introduction

This does what it says on the tin. We'll show you around and get you moving onwards and upwards!


Module 2: Become the Master of Your Camera

This is the most exciting module because it will teach you all the things you need to know to be the boss of your camera. The settings, the techniques, the craft, the works. No more scratching your head, pointing, shooting, and hoping.

Once you've completed this module:

  • Shooting off auto will be a pleasure and a breeze
  • Forget overwhelm - you'll be raring to go - background blur, motion blur, freezing the dog in mid-air at full pelt - look at you go!
  • Jargon Scmargon - it's just a name. These days you just get on with it - that camera is just like riding a bike.
  • You're empowered to go out there, have fun, experiment, and create photography that's really yours.
  • You're seeing the world with a new perspective, and taking photos in a way the naked eye would never see.
  • Crikey, a little knowledge and practice goes a long way. You're really seeing a difference.


Module 3: Conquer Composition

Now things are really getting fun. We hear so many students say that they know a little about the settings but still can't make a picture look good.  If that's you, you're going to love this module! By module 3 you've mastered the camera, but here we're into making it all look good, creating atmosphere, flair, and the wow factor.

Once you've completed this module:

  • You'll know putting things in the right places is really quite easy, and what a difference it makes!
  • You're really gaining a natural eye for what really makes a great photograph - and what doesn't.
  • You'll have multiple elements in your tool box with which to build great pictures of your own.
  • You'll be seeing light in a different way, and making it work for you.
  • You may not care how a 13th century mathematician influenced the worlds of both architecture and photography. But, you'll be applying his discoveries to your photographs and creating the mathematical definition of beauty.


Module 4: Demystifying the Lens

You buy a camera with a kit lens, stick it on and you're good to go, right? Then you look with green eyes at the photo the guy next to you took, and wonder why you can't get your camera to do that... With this module you can take yourself beyond the confines of just one lens, and open up a whole new world of photography.

Lenses that see things from a perspectives your naked eyes never will.

Once you've completed this module:

  • You'll know the creative limits of different types of lenses (like why the guy next to you could get that photo you couldn't).
  • You'll know they type of lens to go for whatever your budget, and what the differences are between them.
  • You may, or may not be heading to the shops...


Module 5: Kit

We decided to put this unit last because you've probably already got your camera and will be raring to get into the good stuff... You can jump to this unit at ANY time. It stands alone. It's for your delectation as and when you need it.

Once you've completed this module:

  • If you haven't already picked a camera out - you'll know what different types are out there, and which is right for you.
  • You'll know about tripods, monopods, tripod heads, bean bags, flash diffusers... and what they can do for you. 
  • You'll know how to care for your kit.
  • Your bank account may not thank you - but there are always budget options on the market...

What Can I Expect On Completing the Course?

Once you've done the work and completed the course, you'll start to notice the following changes... This is real, achievable, and it's just about a few techniques you'll have learned on the way.

You Have The Power

You are now in complete control of your camera, and not the other way around. You can see an image in your head and know how to make it happen. You have the ability to just go out and do it whenever you wish. No more auto.

You See With New Eyes

Once you have seen understood how photography works you can't un-see that. It's like walking around with a new set of eyes, looking for new possibilities that you never before knew existed.

Priceless Memories

You can preserve priceless memories for yourself and others in a way that actually brings back the feelings you felt at the time. You may even find yourself putting your pictures on the wall.

ANew Creative You

You have the ability to express yourself in a whole new way, sparking your curiosity and sense of adventure. You'll be getting to know that creative buzz.

Unlock your potential! 

Now you've seen the sheer value we've packed into this course. There's never a better time than now. Don't miss out on this stunning opportunity.

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And if all this wasn't enough...

When you invest in the course, you'll receive these exclusive bonuses, which we think you'll agree are really worth having...

Bonus 1
Downloads, and "Real World Problems"

You'll have access to our download library which we aim to keep expanding - just because we can. If you'd like to suggest a download idea you thing may be useful which we haven't already included, your wish might just come true!

Current downloads include:

Cheat sheets:

Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet

Aperture Cheat Sheet

Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet

Composition Grids Cheat Sheet

Balance Cheat Sheet


Give Your Shots the Pro Treatment

5 Pro Tips to Make You Awesome

We also include a "real world problems" sections where we cover common problems that our students have had. Feel free to contribute!

Bonus 3
Free Mini Course

We'll include our re-vamped mini-course, with lessons on portrait, and action photography. There's a great little nugget in there on understanding what the aperture setting does! You wouldn't want to leave that on the table!

Bonus 2
Lifetime Access

Learning shouldn't be rushed, so we're not going to make you rush through this course.  Learn at whatever time suits you, and at whatever schedule suite you - this is YOUR course.

You can go through the course as many times as you like.

If for any reason we stop providing this course, you will be given a reasonable opportunity to download resources so that you will NEVER lose them.

Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

Bonus 4
Members Only Facebook Group

You'll have access to our exclusive Facebook Group, where you'll have access not only to ourselves, but also your peers

Through this Facebook Group you can ask us questions, and we can keep up with how everyone is doing. We can provide additional help here if people are struggling. Issues that come up here may even prompt us to add more lessons to the main course. It's a truly interactive process.

On top of this you can make new friends among your peers and help each other along this exciting ride!

About The Course Instructor,
Christina S Wimsey

Christina is an internationally published photographer with over 30 years experience. She's passionate about photography and helping others achieve their photo goals. For her, nothing beats seeing the smiles on the face of others when they learn something new.

Christina has been through what you're going through and remembers all too well. She's all about sparing you the pain of working things out for yourself so you can fast track to where you want to be, and fast track the fun!

She is also the world's biggest animal lover, especially of one ginger cocker-spaniel named Bailey who has managed to become the world's most photographed dog...

You can join Christina in our more general Facebook Group, the Beginners Photography Lounge where she keeps threatening to go live!

Here’s what people are saying about Christina S Wimsey

Iain Munro

Would recommend Christina to anyone

[I had a video call with] Christina and it was brilliant. A lot of what I know is from you tube but found this face to face way more informative.

None of my extremely amateur questions were a problem and I didn’t feel in the least bit intimidated. After the call was over I switched to Manual setting and have been experimenting more with it. Fantastic opportunity I had and would recommend Christina to anyone.


Lawrence Conyers

Hasn't forgotten what its like to learn

Christina is a talented and passionate photographer who really cares about doing the best for others (sometimes to her own detriment!) You will find her friendly and keen to help you with whatever you need to achieve. 

You will be in safe hands - with someone who hasn't forgotten what it is like to be learning the craft.

Maggie Lomax

Friendly clear and understandable

How refreshing to find a clever, funny woman running photography courses!

Christina seems far more interested in helping you make the best of your work, than in promoting her own which, actually, is quite unusual. Most instructors I’ve come across just want you to see the world through their eyes, but Christina really encourages you to do your own thing only better!

Very friendly, very approachable and very, very clear and understandable. (I suspect she was a TV presenter in another life.) Good stuff.

Dawson Straughan

Fantastic place for beginners

What a great place to help with my photography. Just completed a video call with Christina and Lawrence I picked up some great tips for an upcoming wedding but also it was great that both of you guys helped with video questions too.

What a fantastic place for beginners and hobbyists like me to visit. Well done to all.

What we're about

We hope you agree with our philosophies...

We Do

  • Fun
    We are always looking for new ways to make learning more enjoyable. That way, you'll remember things better, and we all enjoy ourselves - it's a win/win.
  • Learning by doing
    We hear of students of other courses complaining that there isn't enough practical content. That's shocking because we learn best by doing.

    That's why we'll be sending you out to do practical exercises and you'll have access to a Facebook group 24-7 to discuss with us and your peers.
  • Focus on you
    You'll hear very little of us blowing our own trumpets about how brilliant we are. You've paid good money to be taught by us, and not listen to that sort of rubbish.

    It's not our course, it's yours. It's our job to teach you and to help you be able to put your learning into practice. To help you succeed. If we tell you about any of our experiences, it's because there's a lesson in it for YOU, perhaps even at the expense of our own ego!

We Don't

  • Spread Confusion and Overwhelm
    We hear about students being "confused and overwhelmed" by other online courses.

    We've designed this course with that in mind:
    We've structured it in a way that significantly limits the chances of overwhelm. 
    We've kept lessons short as possible and backed them up with practical exercises to cement knowledge as you go along.
    We've given you 24-7 access to an exclusive online group to discuss with ourselves, and your peers.
  • Promise the world and fail to deliver
    We are not "one of those courses" which promise to take you from beginner to advanced level earning money from your photos - "all in one short course". That's a fallacy. Would you expect to learn nuclear physics in 22 hours of tuition? Really?

    We understand there are no short cuts. We aim to teach you properly right from the beginning in an engaging way. 

This course is not for you if:

  • You are not prepared to have fun on your learning journey
  • You believe buying a course and not watching it, or not carrying out the exercises will teach you a new skill
  • You don't want to learn photography beyond a simple "point and shoot" camera. This course is aimed at people with a DSLR or mirrorless camera which has settings to "take it off auto"

Unlock your potential! 

You've seen the sheer value, and the cherries on top. You've learned a bit about us.

This is about you, and investing in skills you're going to have for a lifetime. You're worth it.

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Why Do I Need This Course?

Navigating the minefield

We live in a world where information overload is an occupational hazard. The problem is, that to find that gold nugget on your own, you have to sift through tonnes of rubbish, then you have to place your gold nuggets in the right order to make sense of them. That's assuming you even found the right nuggets. You get the picture...


Trying to go through that process alone is a minefield. You'll make mistakes, without knowing how to correct them. You'll go off on tangents you didn't even know you were following. Finding the right information at the right time and in the right order is near impossible if you don't know what you're looking for. It's soul destroying.

Cost Value Analysis

Consider how much the time you'll spend trying to find all that information is worth? It could take you years - what's that worth in terms of your wages? £15,000? Wouldn't it have been better to spend a fraction of that money up front to have someone do it all for you? Someone who can direct you to the right practical exercises at the right time, give you feedback on how you're doing, and bring back the joy of it all? You could book an evening course at a college or university - a five week Saturday course can cost around £725. You'll never be able to re-watch those lessons, or re-arrange them to suit your schedule.

Don't Miss Out

With us, you have the help you need at a fraction of the cost, all at your leisure. You'll have fun learning, which will help you understand and retain the lessons. You'll also have lots of practical exercises to engage you, and become part of a  learning community. If you put it off, you may never get to where you want to be, and that would be a tragedy.

Unlock your potential right now!




This course was created for a price point of £299 and retains all of that value and more

  • All you need to be able to be the master of your camera - see the shot you want and achieve it
  • Lifetime access
  • Jam packed full of fun - learn without pain
  • Over 60 lessons! Crammed full with dozens and dozens of videos and easy graphics
  • Simple but valuable exercises to cement your learning
  • Exclusive Facebook Group with access to your peers and to us!
  • Plenty of cheat sheets to download. Take them with you when you practice

All purchases are subject to our Terms and Conditions
and Privacy Policy

Don't miss out on this unique and amazing learning experience!

Where else will you learn to get off auto mode with the use of flying elephants, and jumping jeeps

What other course makes learning so painless that they teach file formats with the aid of flour, eggs, margarine, cocoa, and banana essance?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14-Days

If you're not happy with your course, contact us withing 14 days of purchase and we'll refund your purchase price. 

Please see our Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the question to see the answer:

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have lifetime access to the course, so feel free to complete it in your own time - whenever suits you.

Lifetime access means for the lifetime of the course. There are no plans to withdraw the course, and being honest we'd be mortified if that ever happened. Blood sweat and literal tears went into making it - it's our baby.

Should the course ever be withdrawn we will take reasonable steps to allow you to download all content so you'll lose nothing. Just make sure your email address is kept up to date. This is your course - built for you.

You should log onto your course at least once a year. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

What equipment do I need?

You don't need the most expensive kit out there - photography is far more about your skills than the quality of the camera. That said, to take full advantage of this course you will need a camera with some manual settings (aperture priority, shutter priority, fully manual), and a kit lens. 

In short this course was designed with the following types of camera in mind:

  • DSLR Camera with at least a kit lens or
  • Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera with at least a kit lens  or
  • Bridge Camera with manual settings and optical zoom

Do I have to be available for lessons at set times?

No, you can view lessons when it's convenient for you. You can rewind them and watch them as many times as you need - all at your own convenience 

All video lessons are accompanied by text lessons to help you cement your learning, so you can take things in in the way that best works for you.

Do I need any photography experience to take this course?

This is a beginners photography course, so we assume no prior photography knowledge or experience. 

If you have some knowledge that's a bonus and is always helpful, but you don't need any. 

Is this an online course - or do I get DVDs?

This is an online course only.

Firstly it allows you to access it immediately.

Secondly it enables us to update the course regularly and add and edit lessons, and add video and graphics. This means you always get the most up to date version of the course. You will not pay any more as we add to the course - you are "grandfathered in" at the price you paid.

How do I access to my course after I've purchased?

Once you've purchased you'll automatically be emailed your login details - login page, username and password. You should keep these safe. 

As soon as you've logged in you will have instant access to the course.

Is it going to be like learning another language with all that jargon?

We've gone out of our way to make sure we give you the information you need it in a digestible form. Bombarding you with big words expecting you to know what they mean is not cool.

We designed this course from the foundations upwards with your ease of learning in mind. It's not an information dump, or us trying to show off how much we know - it's a learning experience built for YOU. We teach you one concept at a time so no one get's overwhelmed. We give you exercises to allow the information you've learned to sink into a true level of understanding. Then we build on that.

If there's jargon you need to know we'll explain it - usually with an info graphic, or video graphic to make it easier for the penny to drop. 

What if I don't have the talent for photography?

While it is true some people are born with more talent for certain things than others, it's not what makes a person good. An even greater truth is that learning the right techniques will have people telling you that you are a talented photographer, because you have become good. We are here to teach you these techniques, which will put a smile on your face. Anyone can learn these techniques. Don't let your fear hold you back.

Also, let's be honest - many professional photographers weren't naturals. They learned their craft and honed it. They learned good photography technique and practiced. What do they say about practice? It "makes perfect". It sets you apart from the rest.

With these techniques you will find your love of photography, and that is priceless. No one can take that away from you. It's yours for life.

And really - what if you find that you actually are a natural? You'd never have known that if you hadn't learned the right techniques. Would you really want your fear to have held you back from flying?  

This is a beginner course and not a competition. Take the plunge, and don't let fear hold you back. There is no judgement, just support, encouragement, and sure fire improvement.

What if I don't have a Facebook Account?

Don't worry, we have everyone covered - see below. 

That said, we've found that Facebook is currently the best way to connect groups of students with ourselves. It allows for posting photographs for feedback from us, asking questions, and long discussions between all members of a group. It also allows you to independently befriend your peers and really share your journey and experience.  You will not be alone of your journey and can make like-minded photography friends along the way and you can cheer each other on. Creating a Facebook account is free. Our Facebook Group is a superb perk of investing in this course and your development as a photographer.

Some people however just don't like Facebook, and if that's you we have you covered. There is a comments section open under every lesson on the course so that you can communicate with us that way if you prefer. The main reason for the comments section is so that you can let us know anything you think we could be doing better to improve the quality of our service. We want to be the best course out there, and we can only achieve that by listening to you. We are happy for you to ask questions here if you cannot join our Facebook Group. Questions let us know where students are likely to struggle so they enable us to improve our lessons - something we are passionate about doing.

Can I contact you if I need help?


Firstly you have the Facebook Group to ask us, and your peers, questions.

Secondly for the time being we've left the comments section open at the bottom of each lesson.

Thirdly you can email us.

Why is this course better for me than a £10 course from an online course platform?

If you're serious about learning, be honest with yourself, you already know you get what you pay for.  We designed this course from the foundations to provide you with all the value you need to get you off the ground running. It simply isn't viable to build a course with all the educational building blocks necessary to enable you to succeed for such a low sum of money, and if we attempted to do that we would be doing you a dis-service. We like to be able to sleep at night - it is our job to give you what you need to succeed, and not cut corners which will affect your ability to get the skills you came for. We actually designed this course with all the elements you would expect from a price tag far exceeding £200, including:

  • Attention to detail in how the course is constructed so that you get the best learning experience. It's not about an information dump, as many budget courses can be. It's about giving you the information you need, in the right order, in a digestible manner, while keeping it light hearted. If you're engaged, having fun, and having a digestible information given to you at the right time in the process, you will learn fast. Not only that, you will fall in love with the process.
  •  Access to us and your peers. The ability to ask questions in a forum with access to us is in itself worth the entry fee!
  • High quality video and explanatory video graphics, which are essential for explaining complex subjects in ways which are easily understandable. Moving Graphics (explanimation) simply are not viable to produce in a cheaper course, but are essential to making learning painless. 
  • Exercises to keep you engaged and motivated. If you go out and practice what you just learned it will stay with you.
  • Downloadable Cheat Sheets, so you have a reference tool with you when you're out shooting.

As you can probably see, at the moment we are under-selling this course - knowingly so while we are getting the word out. That won't continue forever - so get in now!

Can't I get all of this for free on YouTube?

Trying to learn photography on YouTube is a bit like having a 7k piece jigsaw with the pieces expertly hidden all over the house. You were never given the box so you have no idea how many pieces there are supposed to be, or what the finished puzzle is supposed to look like. You can't search for the right pieces when you need them, because you have no idea what to look for. Some of the pieces are even designed not to fit before several other pieces have been placed. The pieces hidden in your house may not even be from the same jigsaw and the dog may have eaten one or two...

I think you get the picture. Trying to put all the pieces together from somewhere like YouTube is a sure fire way to confusion and overwhelm. There is a reason for that. YouTube channels work in a very specific way, and that is for the benefit of the channel, not to teach you everything you need to know to hit the ground running with your camera. 

  • Channel content is designed to attract likes and subscribers in order to gain monetisation from adverts.
  • Channel content is also designed to bring in likes and subscribers to attract sponsorship revenue. 
  • Thirdly channel content is after clicks and subscribers because the channel wants to sell you something in order to monetise itself.
  • YouTube channels simply aren't designed to give you a carefully crafted course with the learning and educational tools needed for you to succeed. They are designed for their own revenue streams.
  • Click bait headlines are designed to invite you in to build the channels metrics, and often over-promise an under-deliver. Headlines such as "all you need to know about... in five minutes flat", are designed to hook you in, and can often leave you disappointed.  
  • To make the videos interesting and click-baitable the channel will often put a quirky spin on the topic which may confuse you if you are seeing the topic for the first time.

To learn something well it needs to start at the start, and work it's way methodically through with order and practice. Preferably not in isolation of tutors and peers. YouTube does not lend itself to a quality educational experience in this way. It deals with many small topics, which you have to know the right search terms to find, and then what? How do you just put what you learned n context, where do you go next?

For all these reasons and more YouTube can teach you a little and then leave you feeling more confused than when you started. Just how do all those pieces fit together?

There really is no substitute for a well thought out course to get you off the ground quickly, and with all your hair intact.

Do I have to be a computer expert to complete this course?

While this course is an online experience the interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible. If you were able to navigate to this page and get here, you should be fine.

Can I view my course from any device?

Yes, it's a web based course, so you should be able to log on and view from any device with a web browser.

Can I take this course from anywhere in the world?

Yes, it's a web based course, so you should be able to log on and view from anywhere you have internet access - North Pole to South, and anywhere in between!

If you have a question we haven't covered just click here!

Unlock your potential right now!




This course was created for a price point of £299 and retains all of that value and more

  • All you need to be able to be the master of your camera - see the shot you want and achieve it
  • Lifetime access
  • Jam packed full of fun - learn without pain
  • Over 60 lessons! Crammed full with dozens and dozens of videos and easy graphics
  • Simple but valuable exercises to cement your learning
  • Exclusive Facebook Group with access to your peers and to us!
  • Plenty of cheat sheets to download. Take them with you when you practice

All purchases are subject to our Terms and Conditions
and Privacy Policy

Don't miss out on this unique and amazing learning experience!

Where else will you learn to get the best out of your focussing system with the aid of elephants, mice and wildebeest?

Come on, you know you want to...

A Personal Note From Your Instructor

I remember every frustration I felt while I was learning, and that's the reason I'm so passionate about what I do.

I love helping people like you to get past these frustrations and onto feeling the absolute joy of learning photography. To see the smiles on people's faces when they've learned a new skill gives me so much pleasure.

I hope that I can put that smile on your face... 

Oculum Ltd. T/A Arty Bart Photo, Company No. 13303365