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Great photographs are all about the photographer and not so much the kit used to take them. With this video course YOU can take amazing photographs with just a little knowledge up your sleeve.  Just learning a few simple techniques can transform your photographs from the ordinary to the sublime. Your memories will no longer be stored on a dusty hard-drive; they'll be right with you, always - leaping off that screen or page taking you right back to those special moments. You'll be in demand!

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Holiday and Travel

What You'll Discover in this 3-Part Course:

  • Stunning Portraits
    Learn how to take stunning and impactful portraits of people and animals. Your friends and family will love you. Beware, there's a science experiment in this video!
  • Awesome Action Shots That Will Turn Heads
    Have you ever wondered how the pros take those stunning photographs of moving people or objects? How they can freeze action like the eye could never capture, or create that amazing motion blur? Wonder no more...
  • Inspiring Travel Shots Which Will Transport You Back To That Moment
    Have you stood in awe at the postcards of your favorite travel locations and wished you could feel the pride of taking them yourself?  Come with us on a photo shoot in one of England's most historical cities.
  • It's all about YOU
    With a little knowledge you can take a better photograph with a mobile/cell 'phone than someone without that knowledge could take with a paparazzi camera. We're here to give you that knowledge.

What Others Are Saying:

You won't be disappointed...

"I've known Christina S Wimsey who made this video series for a long time. I've been mightily impressed by her photography, and also her ability to teach and communicate concepts in a clear and simple way. She's a natural photographer, and her enthusiasm for the subject rubs off in her teaching making it flow in a way that leaves you wanting more."

Lawrence Conyers  //  Film Maker

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