Which Photo Kit?

Kit Basics:

The trick with photography is to get the gear that is right for YOU. This will depend on your level of expertise (or the level you intend to work up to), what type of photography you are going to do, and your budget. Generally our advice would be you get what you pay for.

We don't want to throw a huge chunk of information at you at once, so we've split up our advice to you into the sections listed in the boxes below. Just click on one of the buttons inside the boxes for a rundown of what's what, plus rather a lot of advice on what to do with it!

Basic Options


You can certainly get great pictures with a mobile/cell 'phone, compact or bridge camera these days, but you sacrifice functionality for convenience.

That said the best camera is always the one you have with you. It is for that reason we use cameras in this range alongside our more advanced kit. It's more about the photographer than the kit!

Beginner to Intermediate

Low/Mid Range

There is lots to consider here, such as 

  • Brand of Camera
  • Type of camera body / sensor
  • Lighting and Flash
  • Tripods

This can all be incredibally overwhelming, so we have some advice on each of these , so that you know what you might be looking for, and also why you might (or might not) need it. Click here for example if you want to know what a tripod can actually do for you for example.

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Stick 'em with the pointy thing

There's a lot to consider, and this "find out more section" hasn't been finalised. Things to condider are:

  • Do you have a full frame, or cropped sensor in your camera? Your camera lens needs to be compatible. 
  • Do you shoot landscapes? If so you might like to consider a wider angel lens (less than 50mm).
  • Do you do portraits? You may be looking at around an 85mm lens.
  • Do you shoot sport ot wildlife? You may need a telephoto lens 200mm plus plus plus.
  • Are you after versatility? You can buy a zoom lens which can range from wide angle to telephoto. There will be a sacrifice in quality, but boy these things are handy.

More Advanced Options

Higher End

Here's a little bit to consider if you're wanting to expand your gear...

Camera Course

Editing Software

Post Shoot

What can editing do for you and your photography? We will give you some recommendations also.

More Advanced Kit and Tips to Keep That Camera Steady

Higher End / More Advanced

We'll look at:

  • Smaller options to full tripods
  • Cable Releases
  • Tripods
  • Tripod Heads

The above linked pages contain lots of advice and may contain some recommendations. We only recommend products that we love. It would be a dis-service to you and therefore harmful to Bart to recommend things we don't genuinely believe in. The above linked pages may from time to time contain affiliate links which will earn us a small commission (at no extra cost to you) on any purchases you make via our recommendation. This helps to support all the helpful free content and the maintenance of this website. Without this we couldn't provide you the service we feel you deserve. We'd be so grateful if you could support us, if you are minded to buy, so that we can keep supplying you with even more new and free content. Thank you and enjoy!

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