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Cell ‘Phone Cameras Have Just Been Revolutionised!!!

My jaw dropped a little when I first heard about this new technology. For so long mobile phone cameras have been improving, but have never had anything like the ability to use your artistic input on your images in the way that you can with a DSLR, or even some compact cameras... until now?

Huawei, in conjunction with Leica (a massive name in photography)​ have come up with the P9, which on first glance to us seems to be a game changer. Check out the video below and see if you can spot what got us all excited? (Hint - it's around 45 seconds).

This BBC Video (and article) explains more, and really shows you how this technology could really revolutionise mobile 'phone cameras. You'll have much more clarity, punch and contrast, but you can change the focal point and depth of filed of the photograph AFTER THE EVENT. This is massive as it gives you artistic control of the picture far more than your existing mobile/cell phone. The lack of the ability to shoot at your required F stop has long been an issue with us on mobile 'phone cameras. Could all this now be about to change? Bokeh is now at the touch of your finger on a mobile/cell 'phone? And you can change the focus point - all after the event?

This 'phone has 2 cameras , both taking photographs simultaneously. One sensor is monochrome, and the other color. This improves focusing, definition and contrast. The technology also gives you the artistic licence you've never had before on your mobile/cell phone. For us this is pretty huge. We hear it will hit the US markets a little later than Europe, but it will be coming to all that want it.

While we can't pretend that a cell 'phone will ever give you the quality of image you can get from a DSLR, we must doff our caps to this one - it's got us really excited.​

We'll have the Techn-Utan have a look at this in a future post... ​Meanwhile why not let us know your thoughts in the comments section below?

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