DSLR Camera Bodies – Arty Bart Photo

DSLR Camera Bodies

This picture was taken using the Nikon D7200 (see below), coupled with a pretty basic lens (a Nikon 70-300mm zoom).

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. Light travels into the camera (through the lens), where it hits a "reflex mirror", directing it to the top of the camera where it either hits a penta-prism or penta-mirror directing it to the view-finder. When you look through the eyepiece of a DSLR, you are looking (albeit indirectly) right down the lens. Alternatively the same image will appear in the "live view" screen.

All cameras below are DSLR's from the Nikon DX (cropped sensor - APS-C format). A cropped sensor is smaller than a full frame sensor - so that the image will look "cropped" next to an image taken at the same distance from a full frame camera. The D3400 is the cheapest, and the D7200 is the most expensive in this range. FX sensors tend to come in the high intermediate to professional end of the market. The effect of having the DX sensor can however be an advantage in some situations, because of what we call the "crop factor". If you use a full frame lens with a cropped sensor (as we sometimes do at Arty Bart), you have "in effect" a greater magnification from the lens. This can sometimes be an advantage in, for example, wildlife photography. If you'd like to have a look at some Nikon FX format cameras then click here. The shot to the right was taken at 300mm with a cropped sensor camera - but because of the "crop factor", the effective range of that lens was 450mm.

You can buy most cameras "body only", or in a "kit" - including body and lens / lenses etc.. 

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