Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – Scott Kelby

Adobe Lightroom CC – Scott Kelby

Note - This book is also suitable for Lightroom 6.

When we first started using Lightroom we considered many different guides to help us navigate what on earth was on the screen in front of us. It was Scott Kelby's guide dedicated to the version of Lightroom we had at the time which came to the rescue. This is the updated version of the book which changed our editing lives - published 2015 for the most up to date version of Lightroom. Lightroom can do so much for you if you know how to use it, and this book takes you through all Lightroom's modules - Library, Develop, Print etc. Advice is also given on helpful workflows. We like the way these guides are written, because, like Bart, Scott Kelby seems to believe in having fun with his photography - he doesn't take himself too seriously. He gets straight down to the point too without messing around too much. If this book can do for you even half of what it did for us, you won't regret buying it. You'll become familiar with what Lightroom is capable of doing for you, and then you'll find you will develop your own techniques and style of editing as you move forward. That's the thing - no photographer or photograph is the same - it's an art. You just need to know what the tools can do for you first...

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