About this Site

We are passionate about photography - and believe photography should be fun. For us, taking photographs is fun - and learning to take great photographs should be too. Heck being creative is fantastic. It comes from the soul.

We aim to inspire you to have fun with your photography and enjoy the learning curve.

Our aim is to help you to achieve your dreams and aspirations through your photography. Whether you aspire to simply take better pictures, or to pursue a career in photography there is something here for you. A community; an enjoyable, supportive, environment where photographers can learn, be themselves, and will never be judged for having ideas or being creative. You'll be applauded.

York Minster - York, England

We produce regular blog posts with hints and tips - throwing out issues for discussion. We love our readers to leave comments and tell us what they think so please drop by our blog and join in.

We are based in York, England - but welcome people from all over the world. Borders are no barrier to passion or learning. We'd love you to join us. Perhaps you can share with us some photographs and stories from your part of the world? We are always keen to listen so if there is anything that we are not yet providing that you'd like to see on this site please do get in touch. Bart always listens.

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About Bart



Bart is an Otter extraordinaire. He is fascinated with images and how to create them. He's especially interested in images of his fellow mammals, and the rest of the animal kingdom. He's super intelligent and creative - with a large mischievous side. He loves salmon, log fires and single malt.

Bart's interest in images began when he was a mere pup photographing his siblings playing in the river with an Instamatic camera, given to him by his grandfather. He found he could really capture the moment and their personalities - the feelings of the moment preserved in his images forever for the world to appreciate. From then on he never looked back, experimenting with different kit, learning the craft of photography and taking it to his friends all over the animal kingdom. He holds a masters degree in photography from the university of Otterwa. Bart is keen to share his knowledge and enthusiasm wherever he can, in the hope that others will be inspired to create stunning images of their own.

About C S Wimsey

C S Wimsey

Proud to be sidekick to Bart and constantly in his shadow, Christina believes that to excel in life and creativity you have to do what you love. That's why she is a writer and a photographer. Like Bart she feels she is blessed to do something that doesn't feel like work - it is who she is.

Not a great fish eater, she likes to partake with Bart indulging in log fires and gin and tonic - with a slice of lime. The common theme in Christina's work is connecting with life. Whether she photographs an animal, a city-scape, a landscape or ancient ruin; it all has a story to tell. Always. She's been honing her photography skills since the early 1990's. She's undertaken more courses than is polite, experimented with techniques until she's started to sprout grey hairs, and has managed to maintain her passion for the subject throughout.

Christina originally trained as a solicitor and practised employment law. It didn't make her happy -actually it made her ill. A creative stuck in a legal career, she needed to re-visit her roots as a matter of urgency - which is when her creativity re-surfaced, and she was rescued by Bart. She is now back on the right track, never to stray again.

Christina has developed as a photographer, a writer, and a person massively since her days in the law, but the law was an important part of her journey. An experience which has taught her to follow her passions and led her to where she is now. Christina has been published in regional and national magazines. She is a contributor to the Alamy photographic library, and has recently signed a contract with another agency/library - Papilio. She has her own website which can be viewed at www.cswimsey.com.

Christina hopes you can share her passion and be inspired.

About Gordon - the Techn-Utan

Gordon is a little camera shy (being far more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it) but we promise we will get a picture or portrait for you soon - this may involve us giving him plenty of food or alcoholic beverages - so be warned...

Gordon was born in York Hospital in England, although his ancestors hail from Sumatra where Orangutans are critically endangered. Gordon is fascinated with the technical aspects of photography and equipment. He's a bit of a science geek, but don't tell him we told you that...

Gordon is very social and enjoys parties, food, good wine, and the "odd" beer. He is never far from his cell 'phone or Opad (created by apple just for Orangutans like him).

It is Gordon's mission to ensure that we don't get too Artsy about photography, as is quite a science too.



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