If You Have A Nikon

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  • Make sure that the switch on your lens is switched to M/A (Manual/Auto). See Figure 1
  • Make sure the switch just below the lens is set correctly. If you have a choice of C, S, or M (Continuous Single or Manual) as in figure 2, select S.  If you have a choice between AF and M (Auto-focus and Manual), select AF.  on the camera body points to AF (Auto Focus) rather than M (Manual)- see figure 3.
  • If your camera has the dial shown in figure 3, you have a few more steps. Look closer at the AF/M dial you just turned - it also incorporates a button (where the arrow in figure 3 is pointing) which allows you to change between the modes of focus. Press that button down and you will see a couple of toggle menus appear on the LCD screen on top of your camera (see figure 4).
  • You can toggle through the bottom menu shown in figure 4 using the toggle wheel being operated by my thumb in the photo. Toggle through the settings until you reach AF-S. (Auto Focus single servo mode - AF-C is continuous servo mode which will follow/track a moving subject - we'll explore that in a more advanced course).
  • Still with figure 4 we are now concerned with the top menu, which is being operated by my index finger in the photo.  This toggles between all the single servo focus modes - choose S  - single point focus mode.