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With this quick resource guide you'll learn:​

  • HOW TO take stunning impactful portraits of your loved ones and your pets, with that lovely blurred background we call Bokeh.
  • HOW NOT TO take those unintentional silhouetted photographs of your friends (you know the ones - they have a fantastic background within which your friends are mere shadows lost in oblivion). You'll be the "go to" friend for lasting memories!
  • HOW TO freeze a millisecond in time so you can capture moments your eyes are too slow to see - as sharp as a samurai. Your friends will wonder how you did it! You'll be shooting like a pro!
  • HOW TO manipulate your camera's settings at will to create some stunning effects you see in the magazines.

Why You Should Listen

I've known Christina S Wimsey who wrote this guide for a while now. I've been mightily impressed by her photography, and also her ability to teach and communicate concepts in a clear and simple way. She's a natural photographer, and her enthusiasm for the subject rubs off in her teaching making it flow in a way that leaves you wanting more.

Lawrence Conyers //  Film Maker

About the Author

Christina originally trained as a lawyer, but couldn't be kept away from photography such is her passion for the subject. She hopes that is something which will show in her teaching.

Christina has been published in regional and national magazines. She is a contributor to the Alamy photographic library, and has recently signed a contract with another agency/library.

Christina S Wimsey  //  Photographer