3 Tips To Make Your Photos Stand Out…

Have you ever downloaded the photos out of your camera, only to find yourself disappointed in the image on your computer's screen? When I first started photography we used film, and some of you may remember those stickers which the photo lab put on your prints, telling you what you'd done wrong - simply to demoralise you of course...

Today we can correct these errors using editing software before we even think about printing our pictures out - sometimes turning a useless image into a masterpiece. I must stress here - many of the issues which can happen with photos will not necessarily be your fault - I use all 3 of these tips all the time with 99.9% of my images - even if it's just a tweak. Your camera will not necessarily get the settings just as you want them - the only way to get it how you want it is to tweak it yourself after you've seen the result.

For this reason Bart asked me to put together a short video to help you make your photographs really stand out from the rest...

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Happy image editing!

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