Understanding Exposure – Bryan Peterson – Fourth Edition

Understanding Exposure – Bryan Peterson – Fourth Edition

This is the very first book Bart's sidekick, C S Wimsey, read on Photography. It was the one which ignited the magic and got her hooked for over 20 years and counting. This edition is revised and up to date (unlike the one C S read). That said, the laws of physics and concepts in this book remain unchanged. ("Ye cannie change the laws of physics!")

The book will give you an understanding of "creative exposure". There are many exposures which are technically "correct". If you shoot on "auto" you have little control over the effects which will appear on the final image. This book will (for example) show you how to freeze action, create motion blur, create clear dynamic landscapes, and portraits with the lovely bokeh effect. Oh - and you'll be able to shoot everything in between and so much more with this book's expertise in your noddle!

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